Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My mood this Independence day

I'm upset, really upset, very upset.

Sixty Four years of freedom. I see kids on the street paraded by the schools in their uniforms carrying the tri-color. There is a lot of jingoism with many cars, trucks, autos hoisting our flag. Even after 64 years  our foreign rulers left us we are still being ruled.....ruled by our own politicians, bureaucrats and crony capitalists.
Rarely do we ask this question what does it mean to be free? Where do we get our rights from? What is the role of government? Why is there poverty? Why is the Infrastructure in our country so bad ? Why are and cities so dirty? Why are our kids taught to repeat rather than think? Why do have so many less doctors? Why is there so much price rise (inflation) and shortages ? Why are there so many rules and departments ? Where does the government get all this money it spends ? Why is there corruption even after many stringent anti-corruption laws ? Why is there so much un-employment ?

I checked all the major news papers and TV news channels none of them ask these questions. I'm upset that as country we do not ask what it means to be free .......but celebrate Independence day. It seems like a blind faith and an illusion that we as Indians are supposedly free!!!

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  1. I could not agree more.

    BTW, why have you stopped blogging?