Thursday, 29 September 2011

Why are we spending 3,023 crore and want to increase that to 18,000 Crores

Econ Times reports that Fin Ministry has denied Nandan Nilekani's request for Rs.18,000 crores to be spent on the UIDAI. 

For a poor country like ours 18,000 or 3,000 even 23 crores is a lot of money. 

To begin with the whole UIDAI is meaning less, it is arrogant and attack on the citizen's privacy. The presumption of this grand spending programme is that, like cattle if one can tag all Indians.......we can eliminate poverty. Think about it.

By the way, the most important thing................. where is the money coming from ?
Government does not produce anything like us individuals, so it has to take from us..... either in the form of taxes or via inflation. Are we not being taxed already ?

Nandan is irresponsible, he could serve his countrymen better if he could get back to private sector and create another Infosys and lost of good and high paying jobs.

Rich must pay higher tax, says P Chidambaram

As reported in this ToI article Chidambaram wants to tax us Indians even more than what we are already paying today. There is already Income Tax, Sales Tax, Value Added Tax, Education Tax, Cess etc., etc., and above all the invisible and the most evil tax i.e. Inflation.

Note that all Indians rich, middle class and poor pay huge taxes to our government and what does government do with it, it spends carelessly....breeding corruption leaving all of us poor, expect the government bureaucrats & politicians who get to spend the tax money and award contracts to their favorites.

Now back to this article, PC goes on to say "We must raise the tax revenue to defend (the expected aggregate decline of resources). I know many people won't like this. But I think, I can summon the courage to make the statement." 

Yes, PC you need a lot of courage to demand other peoples money and force them to pay. Robbery, theft and extortion requires a lot of courage and you have to shun your conscience as well.

He also talks a bunch of nonsense such as Inclusive Growth, Eliminating poverty blah blah blah.
Government spending does not eradicate poverty, in fact it increases it and when government spends money it spends it in the most inefficient way. Let the citizens spend, trade, exchange, produce, create jobs and thereby reduce poverty levels and raise everybody's living standards.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Daylight Robbery by the predatory state

KIADB with 1,000 acres; farmers helpless  says this headline. The issue here is that a Govt. of Karnataka agency called Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board has taken over 1000 acres of land belonging to farmers and they have done it without even telling the owners. Poor farmers my heart bleeds for them. Where would they go........ what would they do ?

Only Property Rights can rescue us from tyranny. Nobody, including the government can take your property without your consent. 

As along as we believe that government can take what is yours in the name of common good, public service, good of the society blah blah blah.....such injustices will continue.

Petrol Price Hike and government lies

Govt. of India the master planner of our economy  hiked the price of petrol by Rs. 3.40. 

Our loving and caring government who has nothing but our interests......... that is the interests of the common and poor man.....says that it hiked the price of petrol coz the rupee dropped against the dollar. These guys in our government could not even come up with more realistic reason to hide their lies.

Well... the rupee dropped just paises against the dollar but the hike is disproportionate and in multiples of rupees. Once you dig deeper you will discover very unpleasant details. Petrol prices in India is heavily taxed and of-course the tax money is grossly abused by our caring politicians and bureaucrats. Anyways please read thru these two links exposing our parasitic government lies and tells you how our glorious state cheats us all.

It is a tragedy that this subject is not commonly discussed.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Economics Lesson --- Worth the 30mins of your life

Listen to Peter Schiff  and think about it.

The best "Demand does not come from Govt. Spending, Inflation comes from govt. spending"

Part 1

Part 2