Friday, 16 September 2011

Petrol Price Hike and government lies

Govt. of India the master planner of our economy  hiked the price of petrol by Rs. 3.40. 

Our loving and caring government who has nothing but our interests......... that is the interests of the common and poor man.....says that it hiked the price of petrol coz the rupee dropped against the dollar. These guys in our government could not even come up with more realistic reason to hide their lies.

Well... the rupee dropped just paises against the dollar but the hike is disproportionate and in multiples of rupees. Once you dig deeper you will discover very unpleasant details. Petrol prices in India is heavily taxed and of-course the tax money is grossly abused by our caring politicians and bureaucrats. Anyways please read thru these two links exposing our parasitic government lies and tells you how our glorious state cheats us all.

It is a tragedy that this subject is not commonly discussed.

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