Thursday, 29 September 2011

Why are we spending 3,023 crore and want to increase that to 18,000 Crores

Econ Times reports that Fin Ministry has denied Nandan Nilekani's request for Rs.18,000 crores to be spent on the UIDAI. 

For a poor country like ours 18,000 or 3,000 even 23 crores is a lot of money. 

To begin with the whole UIDAI is meaning less, it is arrogant and attack on the citizen's privacy. The presumption of this grand spending programme is that, like cattle if one can tag all Indians.......we can eliminate poverty. Think about it.

By the way, the most important thing................. where is the money coming from ?
Government does not produce anything like us individuals, so it has to take from us..... either in the form of taxes or via inflation. Are we not being taxed already ?

Nandan is irresponsible, he could serve his countrymen better if he could get back to private sector and create another Infosys and lost of good and high paying jobs.

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