Thursday, 29 September 2011

Rich must pay higher tax, says P Chidambaram

As reported in this ToI article Chidambaram wants to tax us Indians even more than what we are already paying today. There is already Income Tax, Sales Tax, Value Added Tax, Education Tax, Cess etc., etc., and above all the invisible and the most evil tax i.e. Inflation.

Note that all Indians rich, middle class and poor pay huge taxes to our government and what does government do with it, it spends carelessly....breeding corruption leaving all of us poor, expect the government bureaucrats & politicians who get to spend the tax money and award contracts to their favorites.

Now back to this article, PC goes on to say "We must raise the tax revenue to defend (the expected aggregate decline of resources). I know many people won't like this. But I think, I can summon the courage to make the statement." 

Yes, PC you need a lot of courage to demand other peoples money and force them to pay. Robbery, theft and extortion requires a lot of courage and you have to shun your conscience as well.

He also talks a bunch of nonsense such as Inclusive Growth, Eliminating poverty blah blah blah.
Government spending does not eradicate poverty, in fact it increases it and when government spends money it spends it in the most inefficient way. Let the citizens spend, trade, exchange, produce, create jobs and thereby reduce poverty levels and raise everybody's living standards.

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