Monday, 25 April 2011

Regulate Marriages ----------- What a lunacy of an Idea!!!

The other day I read this in Times of India.
Have been independently canvassing for checking wastages had a session with food and consumer affairs minister K V Thomas and his officials on Monday. On the menu at the meeting were proposals to restrict the number of dishes served at weddings. There were suggestions to draw lessons from Pakistan, where it appears there are restrictions on serving more than one dish at marriages and similar social gatherings. There was another suggestion: weddings should not be as event-filled as some have become. If the food and consumer affairs ministry were to accept the recommendations, mehndis, sangeet, cocktail parties and receptions could be crunched into one. A third suggestion at Monday's meeting was to limit the number of guests attending a wedding reception to 200.

Where do these people get their ideas from?

I think, I have heard all the stupid ideas to "regulate human behavior" to make people virtuous. This one is definitely on top of the list.

It is the same old mentality to make new rules (as if we do not have enough), create a new bureaucracy and use the threat of force and punishment.

This will not work; more bribes will be paid out and hence more ugly marriages.

How about the great Indian ideal of tolerance, if we do not like someone’s behavior …..….. stop attending these weddings.....set an example with simpler weddings....... rather than engage in the business of law making.

We should reflect on what Murry Rothbard said “It is not the business of the law to make anyone good or reverent or moral or clean or upright”

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  1. Rao,
    Yeah, making laws, rules and regulations will mess up things even further.
    i feel, when one has no money, it is easier to lead a simple living. How can a man / woman with lots of money do with their money. On one side, we are -
    in a society which adores people with more money,
    government that wants growth,
    businesses that wants new ideas
    and most importantly, individuals who have big egos and have to do something to feed their egos.
    in such a scenerio, how can people curb their urge to show off. There are few occassions where naturally they get a chance for that - house, car, marriages, vacations.
    so, i guess with the affluence around, we will see more spending, which is natural