Monday, 18 April 2011

Right diagnosis but wrong prescriptions

I'm big believer in decentralization. It always works; decentralizing up to the individual level is the only true & effective decentralization. Let the individual decide what is best for him or her.
In this Times of India piece Anna is asking the right questions and advocating decentralization. He asks
"Why should all the power be concentrated with a few in Delhi This leads to leaders and bureaucrats calling the shots"
It seems that he wants to pass more laws, administer more oaths, have more policemen and prosecutors and achieve decentralization……. meaning…… less freedom for people. This will not work and in fact will lead to more authoritarian rule.
With years of state schooling and brainwashing there seems to be no place for alternative thinking, leading to different methods of solving problems. All the news papers and public opinion is filled with statist ways of dealing with problems.  It is sad to see all proposed solutions require the state to use force. Freedom and responsibility is never proposed.
It is the same thinking........ People are not capable of making their own decisions so we need government to be involved in all aspects of our lives…… rule over us…. to protect us by telling us what to do……. this combination of burecrats and politicians….. carefully selecting the products we should be buying…… they can give out permits only to select good business men so that we are protected from the evil business men who are looking at every opportunity to cheat us…….. to give out licenses only to select companies and use that license money for the greater good of the society. This is rubbish and in fact we Indians have to come to believe that big government to be indispensible, we cannot comprehend a society full of free individuals.
This kind of thinking leads to tyrannical rule and corruption is a characteristic of a tyrannical government. Even though the likes of Anna have the best interests in mind they do not understand human nature and constantly fight it leading to all sorts of un-intended consequences. 
These bureaucrats and politicians are no saints and as David Boaz said "Bureaucrats and politicians are just as self-interested as the rest of us". They have their interests in mind rather than ordinary people in mind when the make decisions. They make decisions that suit them, their near and dear.
The problem is that they have the power to make decisions on our behalf and thru real decentralization --- meaning cutting the scope and size of government we can take away that power.
The best way to decentralize is to dismantle to bureaucracy, abolish too many of these un-necessary laws and remove powers from the state.
Individual freedom coupled with respect to property rights and sound money is a just society…….. a society that will see very less or no corruption, almost no poverty  but peace and prosperity for all.

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