Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dear Citizens.....Weep on our country's current state of affairs

I sulked as I opened today's TOI newspaper.....The headline goes "NAC sticks to its stand, finalizes draft food securitybill"

Some highlights of this food security bill
  • Requires the government to cover 90% of the rural population and 50% of the urban population in its final phase  
  • Requirement of food to rise to 63.59 million tonnes annually
  • Needing a total subsidy of nearly Rs 80,000 crore, up from the subsidy this year of Rs 56,000 crore
  • Each "poor" family will have right to 7 kg per person (equal to 35 kg per family) with rice at Rs 3 a kg, wheat at Rs 2 a kg and millets at Re 1 a kg.

Dear fellow citizens expect massive corruption, endless money printing (inflation), more dependent citizens, even more poor people, rotting food grains in govt. godowns, shortage in food grains, significant increase in food prices and violence on the streets. This bill will do nothing to decrease poverty, malnutrition or reduce hunger.

If poverty & hunger could be have been solved by giving out subsidized food financed by printing money. By now, India and the world would have already seen an end to these difficult problems.
After a few years anticipate a revised version of this bill with a new name and even more draconian measures and much larger spending. These economically ignorant elite civil society members of this evil institution called NAC will not be accountable they would be long gone or be in another government committee dreaming up some other "welfare" scheme.

We Indians have seen such ineffective schemes before…… alas…………. we have never learnt anything from them.  Friedman  advised us “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

Besides, I have serious issues with this illegitimate institution called NAC, a group of 14 people who have the wrongful right to come up with bills....... which they think are right for rest of us billion+ Indians...... arm twist the government into passing it as laws of the land.

I do not consider this freedom; we are a country ruled by elites who have their own visions, agendas and world views that they are forcing on rest of us using force. They are self serving and far removed from reality.

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