Monday, 20 June 2011

Silly obsession with democracy

Justice Santosh Hegde says "All are equal in democracy"

Democracy is how we elect our government. We Indians think that democracy is a great thing it is a national obsession, all the headlines read..... India the world's largest democracy...I say what rubbish. 

These "intellectuals" who shape the opinions of the masses are dangerous to our country. They give us all a false impression and sell us this illusion of democracy. 

As I said Democracy is just a method of electing government, it does not ensure liberty  (only form of real equality) and freedom .........we can we do in India a democratically elected but tyrannical government hijacked by thugs (politicians) and lazy bureaucrats.

Friedman says "A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both"

We need to think about on the role, function and structure of government and then talk about how we put in place the government. India is a democracy and of course all are not treated equally.....people with power and money rule over the land. Everyone is equal when the role of the state is limited to protecting everyone's liberty.

In India we have a government with Unlimited powers...power to grab property, power to inflate, power to tax and the most evil power to kill. The government of India freely excises all this power and abuses the citizens every day.

Today's power of government of India is a legacy of the British rule, now the Indians are using the same power to rule over the rest. It’s always the congress rule, BJP rule or UPA rule etc.,

The day to celebrate will be a day when the massive powers of the sates are taken back the bureaucracy dismantled the Reserve Bank of India and Income Tax Department shut down. Liberties are restored to individual and private property protected. So the individual can lead a life of dignity without being abused by people with power.

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